Whether it’s the annual audits, data security, document retention schedules, subject access requests or GDPR – all businesses have to adhere to a vast range of rules and procedure. Compliance liability poses real danger to every organisation – how prepared are you in managing these regulatory risks?

Through our bespoke compliance management solutions, we can help minimize liability, bolster security, improve control and retrieval of personal information and give you the invaluable power of accountability with your document processes and data.

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Common challenges

  • GDPR compliance management
  • A fragmented information network that’s difficult to control
  • No audit trails or histories with paper documents
  • Impossible to demonstrate and enforce access controls
  • Resources and time wasted to records management and retention schedules
  • Data protection liabilities
  • Insufficient data security
  • Heavy compliance penalties
  • Risk of business reputation for poor handling of customer information
The challenge of compliance management

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Our consultants and project managers work with you to build a bespoke digital strategy to safeguard your organisation from compliance risk. From data protection to GDPR subject access requests we have the experience, the expertise and the technology to deliver a solution that protects your company, your customers.

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mitigate risk

  • Digital documents fully admissible in a court as legally binding originals
  • Automatic records management in line with retention schedules
  • Integrated search engines to help find information fast
  • Full-text search to locate personal data in your information network i.e. email, pdf, word, excel and more making compliance fast and simple
  • Full audit trail and document workflow histories
  • Customisable access rights and restrictions
  • Avoid heavy fines and penalties
  • Reinforce your company image as strong on data protection
  • Save time, money and resources
  • Establish industry leading controls to ensure compliance proficiency
“When we invested in the solution we were for the first time able to keep up and be in complete compliance with FMCSA documentation requirements. The solution is helping us circumvent a huge liability. If we don’t pass a CHP audit, it is possible we can be shut down until all documentation is in order. Additionally, having an up-to-date copy of our drivers’ insurance helps us further mitigate liability. Without each driver having legitimate insurance, we could be on the hook for millions if there were an accident.”

Justin Taylor - Compliance Manager

“When our vendor recommended DocuWare Cloud, we thought that was a good fit for us because we are very comfortable with the cloud software model and the security it offers our information.”

Don Schlorff - CFO and COO

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