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Whether it’s expenses, risk assessments, near miss reports, vehicle inspections, holiday requests or delivery notes – billions of paper forms are signed and submitted every single day. With our mobile forms solutions, we steer you away from the traditional well-trodden paper trail and guide you in the direction of more efficient and valuable methods of capturing form data.

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  • Forms are often lost or misplaced; which means important form data is lost too
  • Forms completed by hand can sometimes be difficult to interpret, rendering the data useless
  • Paper is easily damaged and destroyed
  • Difficult to build accurate reporting based on data collected on paper forms
  • Lack of accountability
  • Inefficiencies across the board from form completion or processing

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How we help

Accountability, transparency, and the ability the report on the form data you capture is critical in the modern world. Our solutions give you the ability to capture, store, share and manage form data efficiently and safely throughout your business. Create and customise the mobile forms you need, assign them to the relevant users via any iOS or Android device for them to complete and submit back. No paper, no liability, no more headache. Through faster form processing your business can streamline and work more efficiently on the tasks the count.

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  • Studio Suite to build and customise your own forms or simply recreate your existing ones
  • Allow users to access their assigned forms via an intuitive mobile application
  • Add signatures, pictures, audio recordings and other media to your forms
  • Automatic calculations for VAT, expenses, mileage and other common form types
  • Report on the form data you capture; to drive proactive rather than reactive decision making
  • Our applications work offline so staff still capture valuable data regardless of connection
  • Integration with your back-office or third-party systems for workflow, storage or e-mail
  • Generate your own custom form outputs in Word or PDF
  • Perpetual or SaaS subscriptions available

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“Our staff are field-based and paper forms were always misplaced or damaged meaning we lost valuable data and had big liability concerns with issues such as health and safety. Near miss reports, site registers and risk documents had to be recorded accurately and processed. Our mobile forms solution means we can really work smarter with health and safety regardless of location.”

Simon Cook - Health and Safety Manager

“With a sales department of 30 staff who are regularly out of the office expense management was a real problem for us. Mileage claims and travel receipts in particular. Working with mobile forms we can automatically take photos of receipts, calculate totals and send to the office for processing with a click of a button.”

Jessica Thorpe - Deputy Head of Accounts

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