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We are a business consultancy and technology provider who specialise in all aspects of electronic document management.

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We at ELITE are the complete document management partner. We have three fundamental divisions that enable us to continue to pioneer the industry;

  • CONSULTANCY – Our leading consultancy services cover every base from initial introduction and assessment, to solution proposal, all the way through to project management and delivery.
  • SUPPORT – Every single solution is expertly designed, configured and supported by our outstanding in-house technical division ensuring seamless solution implementation and user adoption.
  • PARTNER WITH US– ELITE are the hub of a large reseller and support network where we offer partner services to other businesses that are interested in entering the document management market or enhance their existing commercial offering by working with us.

Whether its on-premise or cloud, scanning and archiving or workflow and compliance – we take time to understand what you need to achieve and develop a bespoke document management strategy to get your business and your processes where they need to be.

Partner with us
Partner with us


We understand that every company is different, just as the challenges we all face are different too. That’s the reason why every solution we deliver is bespoke to each individual client and their needs. Through friendly and professional consultancy our team will work with you to identify and understand the challenges that need to be met and overcome. With our refreshing approach to project management and industry-leading expertise – our solutions deliver.

“We integrated with our existing accounting systems. The integrated solution mimics our physical workflows and has made keeping up with our growing accounting workload much easier. Utilizing a digital solution that is flexible and customizable allows us to continue to find more efficiencies. It just makes sense.”

Rob Lovejoy - Chief Information Officer

“We did an exercise to work out how efficient our document capture process was and found out our administration staff spent almost 30% of their day scanning and processing documents. By using ELITE we saw an immediate return on investment and hours of time saved.”

John Denton - Project Manager

“The significant reduction of paper files with the help of our new central document pool allows us to significantly reduce wasting office space for file cabinets. This saves money that we can invest in the expansion of our services for people with disabilities.”

Jørn Engel - Member of the Management Team

“Whenever someone was out of the office processes would stall in their absence until they returned. With our mobile solution directors can approve documents from anywhere meaning were always moving forward.”

Tim Spindler - Head of Accounts

“With a sales department of 30 staff who are regularly out of the office expense management was a real problem for us. Mileage claims and travel receipts in particular. Working with mobile forms we can automatically take photos of receipts, calculate totals and send to the office for processing with a click of a button.”

Jessica Thorpe - Deputy Head of Accounts

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