What we do

Every day, millions of paper forms are signed and submitted, whether they be for expenses, reports, vehicle inspections, holiday requests, or delivery notes. We at Elite Document Solutions (EDS) will help you move away from the time-honoured paper trail and toward more efficient and valuable methods of data collection. When you use our modern electronic forms, it’s now easier and faster than ever to collect data, making it available to anyone on any device and reducing the amount of time it takes to move information around your business.

How we can help

Our electronic form solutions enable you to record, store, share, and manage form data in your organisation in an efficient and secure manner. Create and customise the mobile forms you require, then distribute them to the appropriate individuals for completion and submission using any PC, iOS, or Android device. By using faster form processing, your organisation can streamline and work more efficiently on the tasks that matter.

Our electronic form solutions:

Will allow you to design and create web-based forms that are both versatile and useful without the need for programming.

By default, all forms created will be secure and mobile-friendly.

Vat, expenses, mileage, and other generic form types are automatically calculated.

Will allow you to design your own PDF outputs for your forms.

Can be bought as an add-on Docuware module for on-premise systems, or they come standard with all Docuware Cloud subscriptions.

The Advantages of electronic forms

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Improved Security

Electronic forms are more secure than paper formats since they are encrypted and have a complete audit trail.

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Remote Access

Remote access will allow you to approve, submit, collaborate on, and send documents to customers and colleagues from any location or device, providing you with a competitive advantage. This will save time and will improve the overall efficiency of your business.

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Quality Control

Integrating documents with existing databases is simple, and it ensures that all your systems receive accurate, up-to-date information automatically. Improving quality control measures will result in more precise data collection and storage.

Electronic signature

Digital Signatures

When using electronic forms, getting signature approval is faster and easier than ever before. You can sign and send documents from any device or location ,and track every stage of the signing process directly from the device you're using.

Integrating web-based forms with digital workflows

When submitting web-based forms, the next step in the process is automatically initiated.  This can help further reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a task.

Examples of integrating web-based forms with digital workflows.


Each request requires the user to complete a form with information on the items, the supplier, the quantity, and the cost. After that, an order document is generated and saved in DocuWare, where it is routed through the approval, ordering, and payment processes. The purchase order, delivery note, and invoice are all assigned to the transaction.

HR-New Employee

When a new employee starts working for a company, a member of the human resource department will fill out a single digital form with their personal details. This initiates processes in other departments. For example, the purchasing department will order the office equipment; IT, will create an email address and network access; and HR enrols employees in training programs.

Readily available

You can access your published forms from any web browser.


Forms will be mobile-friendly by default for all devices.

It is simple to set up

An easy-to-use editor for creating web forms without the need for programming.

Simple in design

You can create electronic versions of your existing paper forms.

With a 30-person sales force that is frequently out of the office, expenditure control was a significant issue for us in terms of mileage claims and travel receipts. Since we started using digital forms, we can now, however, take photos of receipts, calculate totals, and submit them to the office for processing with a single click of a button

Jessica Thorpe, Deputy Head of Accounts

Why choose Elite?

Over 20 years' experience

Elite has been a force in document management and solutions in the UK and EMEA for over 20 years. As a result, we have been able to assist businesses in saving time and money by automating and streamlining their processes and making them more accessible and user-friendly.

DocuWare Platinum Partner and Diamond Club member

As a DocuWare Platinum Partner and member of the Diamond Club, we are a well-known and trusted company.

UK-based in-house team

Our in-house technical team has extensive experience in the document management industry and serves as the foundation of every solution we offer. Our team is knowledgeable in all aspects of technology and is ready to assist you at any time.

Does your business need document solutions? Talk to us and let us know your challenges.