Use electronic signatures to ensure the legitimacy of crucial business documents.

Electronic signatures (sometimes referred to as “digital signatures”) are becoming more common in everyday commerce. They not only reduce paper consumption, but they also simplify the process of secure document management.

Using the DocuWare signature service, you can rest assured that your documents have been digitally signed by a reputable third-party authority. In addition to providing your organisation with the highest level of speed and flexibility possible. And there’s no reason to worry because documents with a verified electronic signature are legally binding and meet security standards.

When external signature providers such as Validated ID or DocuSign are effortlessly connected to a DocuWare workflow, documents are automatically exchanged between DocuWare and the trust provider. The signer is then notified when the document is ready for signature.

What you can do using e-signatures:

  • You can gather electronic signatures from all necessary employees using a single workflow.
  • Select advanced or qualified security levels for the signature based on your requirements.
  • Maintain an audit trail to ensure compliance with international compliance standards.
  • Keep all your signature certificates in one place with your external service provider so that you can access them at any time.
  • DocuWare’s versatility enables the use of electronic signatures for travel expenses, contracts, and more.
  • DocuWare allows you to electronically sign documents with your smartphone. This is legitimate under the eIDAS (Electronic Identification, Authentication, and Trust Services) regulations.

The Advantages of E-signatures

  • Improved security and compliance.
  • It has the capacity to eliminate paper from business processes, along with all its accompanying expenses.
  • Savings on printing, scanning, and postage.
  • Better record-keeping.
  • Improved remote workflow support.
  • It significantly reduces data entry, filing, and retrieval errors.
  • Whatever department you operate in, there are quick document retrieval options accessible to you.
  • Saves time.

Signature Authentication

  • DocuWare works closely with many different signature providers to meet the security and flexibility needs of your company.
  • Remote, Biometric, and Centralized Validated ID signature procedures are available.
  • The DocuSign service uses email alerts to request signatures.
  • Once notified, DocuSign offers a number of methods for verifying the signer’s identity, such as an Access Code (similar to a password), an SMS code, a phone call, or Knowledge Based Authentication.
  • You can include initials on different pages of a document in addition to a full signature on the signature page.
  • Automate workflows for multiple signers.

There are three types of E-signatures with three levels of security available.

  1. A simple signature is the least secure signature since it is not encrypted. For example, you can sign for a package delivery on your phone or tick a box online.
  2. An advanced signature is encrypted with a key provided by a trusted service provider (TSP) and only the signer has access to it. Without the key, no one can read or access the encoded data.
  3. A qualified signature is the most secure and legally binding signature. This e-signature assures the document’s integrity because a TSP issued a digital certificate and verified the signer’s identity.

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