Data Integration

Information is everywhere! It’s on paper, its within e-mails, filed away in shared folders and embedded inside existing applications such as a CRM, accounts packages, ERPs and more – this is what we call your information network, and it’s the reason why integration is fundamental in our work. A stand-alone system will never go the distance, but a solution that collaborates with your existing infrastructure whilst adding value, will. Our data integration solutions are fully compatible with a vast range of softwares, databases and operating systems, Microsoft Office, iOS and Android.

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  • Having to duplicate work-load or processes across different systems
  • Difficulty in searching for information when its stored in so many different locations
  • Having to invest in additional products because your existing systems don’t communicate
  • Softwares and systems fragmented and difficult to navigate effectively
  • Difficult to collaborate effectively with colleagues
  • Lost time, money and resources due to process inefficiencies

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How we help

Faster access to information from systems that collaborate means faster task completion. These data integration solutions can deliver positive impacts business-wide through improved processes in any department or industry. Reinforce your reputation for excellent service in sales by solving customer queries issues quicker, in manufacturing your teams can collaborate meaning your products hit the production line faster or dramatically improve cashflow by streamlining your finance processes. With twenty-five years of experience in implementation and data integrations– you’re in the right place.

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  • Save time, money and resources
  • Improve process efficiency through software integrations
  • Eradicate double-entry or work duplication
  • Negate the need for additional software investments
  • Improve information access for your staff and boost process efficiency
  • Allow your people to concentrate on what’s important

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“We integrated with our existing accounting systems. The integrated solution mimics our physical workflows and has made keeping up with our growing accounting workload much easier. Utilizing a digital solution that is flexible and customizable allows us to continue to find more efficiencies. It just makes sense”

Rob Lovejoy - Chief Information Officer

“Through the use of a DMS and integration of the system into our accounting department, we have already been able to significantly streamline our incoming invoice process. Ever since, we keep discovering other application fields that will also benefit from the DMS system.”

Benedikt Steffen, Michael Gelhard - Director, Project Manager - Accounting

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