Are you GDPR ready?

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

Personal data is everywhere! It’s on paper, it’s within e-mails, filed away in shared folders and embedded inside existing applications– this is something we refer to as your business information network. And with information in so many different locations its often very difficult to navigate.

By integrating and consolidating this network with ELITE’s bespoke software solutions you are pushing e-mails, media, correspondence, documents, pdfs and all other file types into one centralised location. The beauty of putting everything in one place? You only have one system to search in.

Every document and file that is stored into the solution is read in full by in-built OCR, meaning we can interrogate and search for every alpha-numerical character across any file. The result? A full text search engine that can return any document contain any combination of characters simply by typing in the required keywords.

Think forward, May 2018 has passed and GDPR is in full swing. A disgruntled employee or curious client by the name of “Jane Doe” submits a ‘subject access request’ asking you to present all the personal information and data you hold on them as individuals…and wants to know why you’re holding it.

Now in a traditional environment the task at hand is enormous – every related e-mail must be inspected across the company, every filing cabinet ran-sacked and every digital document scrutinised. This could cause untold disruption, significantly consume staff time and resources and then there’s the obstacle that if something was lost, misfiled or deleted – where is the accountability? The transparency? How can you possibly demonstrate compliance? Let’s not even go into the financial penalties!

With ELITE this entire process is simplified. Just type ‘Jane Doe’ into your full text search engine and every single e-mail, document or file type that contains that sensitive personal data will be returned in seconds. But not just returned – the software goes one step further by highlighting exactly where that personal data is on the document – making your task of analysing and decision making faster and more accurate. Now you can be confident that you’ve been thorough, the entire business information network has been covered and you can comply with the subject access request – saving time, cost, resources all whilst bolstering your data protection protocols.

Elite Document Solutions offer full Data Protection Risk Assessments that will uncover any potential risks to your company. Contact us today to book an assessment.



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